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Sardana and Castellers!

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A famous dance from Catalonia is th “Sardana“, the catalan national dance. The Etrusks and the antique Greeks also danced this dance! So it seems to be a very old dance!

The Sardanadancers join together with holding hands and raising arms, forming circles that grows more and more, as more people join in. When the circle grows too big, more circles are formed. A leader is followed, who leads the movement. People from all walks of life and in all ages join in to the dance, to show that they are primarily catalans and united in this dance. The dance is said to be a symbol of catalan unity and pride.

I advice you to see the dance rather than to join in, since the steps are very precise and you can put the whole circle out of step! How embarrasing wouldn’t it be, both for you and the dancers if someone not catalan or a tourist messes it all up! Uff!

Another cool catalan tradition is the “Castellers“, human castles! It sounds really dangerous and crazy, and probably also is, but not if you are catalan! The reason why this tradition even started is still unclear, but it is over 200 year old. To watch this probably can make you a bit nervous or emotional, but it’s an unforgottable experience, I recommend you to see it during your stay here in Barcelona!

To see “Sardana” in Barcelona, head to a festival like “Sant Joan”, on Saturday evenings in the summer it can be shows in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona. Also Plaza Jaume I on Sunday evening may be a hotspot. To see Castellers, you should also head to a festival, sometimes posters are put up around the city with these events. If you don’t find anyone of these catalan traditions in Barcelona or around, try the official tourism site.

News from FC Barcelona!

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Some updates about  FC Barcelona for all football fans, or soccer fans, depending where you are from… 🙂

FC Barcelona lost the game against Espanyol some weeks ago, closing the gap to their rival Real Madrid.
The same thing happened last sunday, in the last La Liga game. FC Barça lost against Athletico Madrid (4-3). Now the gap is closed even more, and the lead on the table is only 4 points! Watch out!

It appears that the form of FC Barcelona isn’t as good as it used to be in the beginning of the year? Or is it?
Guardiola puts it like this “I am confident that we will bounce back and continue to march forward”.  And I am sure he is right!

Some suggests that Real Madrid are pointing in the right direction (pff) and not Barça, but hey, what team are playing in the “Copa del Rey”-final on wednesday plus playing as favourites in Champion League in 10 days?

So have fun watching the games!

Tickets to FC Barcelona games

FC Barcelona official website

Traditional Irish music in Barcelona?

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Yep, also Irish people are living here… Every monday a group of musicians, who play traditional irish music join up at Michael Collins pub, playing pipes, violins, drums, flutes and banjos. I don’t like mondays (who does?), but  such music may help us through the last hours of mondays? 🙂

In my opinion this band is good, and why not drink a pint of Guiness meanwhile?

The entrance is free and hours are from 21.30h to 23.30h

For more information see http://www.michaelcollinspubs.com/

Sant Medir!

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Tomorrow, March 8, the neigbourhood of Gràcia is celebrating the festival “Sant Medir”. A baker got miraculously cured from his illness, after praying to Sant Medir, and went out to the streets to give out sweets to the people passing by, 180 years ago.

This day every year, the Gràcia neighbourhood is celebrating this festival, with parades and throwing of sweets. The parade starts in the morning at 8 am, with groups of horses and musical bands, and of course with a lot of sweets!  At 1 pm all are gathering in Sant Cugat for a traditional mass, folk dances etc. And in the evening at 8 pm there is a new parade, with even more sweets being thrown out! (jippiee)

If you are close to Gràcia , or have some time left, why not join this soon 200 year old party?


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A great place to meet up with friends for the first drink this friday night, or any other night, is this bar, located on a very small square, “Plaça del Rei” in Barrio Gotico. It may be hard to find this plaça, as it´s very small and you have to get there through an alley, easy to miss!

When you enter the place there will be three floors: first floor, underground and upper floor. If you are a bigger group of people it may be an idea to go there before 10 pm and choose the 2nd floor, since there are more tables. From there you will also have a nice view  from the small balcony, La Plaça del Rei, with old buildings like Palau Reial Major, Palau Lloctinent and Capella Paletina!  The bar is cosy and offer affordable prices 🙂

Easiest way to get there is to take the Metro to Jaume I (yellow line), walk the street that goes up to Plaça de Sant Jaume, and it´s the first alley to the right.

Tibidabo – New season!

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Tibidabo Amusement Park is opening again this saturday, and increasing their opening days and opening hours every month, with the roller coaster offering fantastic views over Barcelona.

Some new activities and a new entertainment park will open this season, such as a educational programme for children and activities for 50+.

The transportation to the mountain has improved and the funicular runs every day of the year, and there’s also the Tibibús, from Plaza Catalunya every day.

Some of the rides are the plane, the carrousel, the room of mirrors, the panoramic, and three children rides.

Check their website for more details: