The tales of the fiesta in Gracia

Weekend came and so did Festa Major de Gracia.
And aren’t we all in ecstasy por eso.

To get to know absolutely all there is to know about the program of Gracia I do actually recommend getting a proper paper program from the streets but for you who simply cannot be bothered I will cover more events coming up in Gracia during the week right here in this blog.

Those of you who are thinking “¿¡¿¡Oh my god why did I not go this weekend…?!?!” Do not be alarmed, go tonight – but do not miss the last day on THURSDAY 21ST.

It’s the night I have been waiting for, it the night of the FIRERUN (correfoc in catalan) and the FIREWORKS. The firerun starts at 10 pm at Plaza Trilla and runs towards Plaza Ruis. It will most likely be an intensely thrilling experience and maybe not for the faint-hearted. The final of Festa Major de Gracia will be the fireworks around midnight at Plaza Rius.

This is a random video I happened to stumble across. Gives you an idea about what will be happening.


~ by danielbcn on August 18, 2008.

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