Summer is back in Barcelona. Let’s head to Bar Oviso to enjoy the weather.

Inside Bar Oviso

Inside Bar Oviso

It was nice with a little cool down for a few days but now I am very close to declaring the summer to be back.

One of the best places in Barcelona to enjoy good, cheap food and cold drinks while people-watching is Bar Oviso (at Plaça George Orwell). If you never been, you ought to go, not only for the great French food but also for the wicked atmosphere. Inside, the walls are covered with colourful paintings, wooden tables and chairs and a long bar desk behind which beautiful colourful boys and girl serve you mojitos, cold cañas, sangria or whatever else you might have the urge to drink.

Also of course, Oviso is always a great hang-out at night before you head out clubbing. It’s a great mix of people (and dogs at times) and it is more or less impossible not to speak to someone you didn’t know before.

For fun you can always check out the OVISO WEBCAM before you head there.


~ by barcelonablog on August 27, 2008.

One Response to “Summer is back in Barcelona. Let’s head to Bar Oviso to enjoy the weather.”

  1. I cannot belieeeeeeve they have a webcam.
    This is bad news… I will have to check it every night before I supposedly go to sleep just IF someone I know is there and then decide whether I should go out or go to bed. What have you done to me? 😉

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