The skaters are back at Macba

    The skating has picked up at MACBA and so has the police presence

      (of course they are not allowed to skate here…).

The skating scene is big on Barcelona. Most professional skaters come here at least once a year, many of them hang out at Macba as you have probably noticed. It has been quite quiet for a while but now when the heat is out of the way they are arriving from all the corners of the world.

As much as I enjoy having a coffee watching them do their thing, it kind of sucks when they almost hit you from behind while skating in between their skate spots… Or am I just getting old?


~ by danielbcn on September 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “The skaters are back at Macba”

  1. Kinda annoying when “bicing” on an area with those skaters (like Universitat). They have those unpredictable moves sometimes.
    Or I’m getting older too?

  2. It does seem like it was not so long ago things like this never bothered us hey? Haha.

  3. you complain like old ladies girls!! 😉

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