It is not only me, the entire city is talking about La Merce and what they are going to do and what is going on. We have also noticed the stages that have sprung up all over the city… Yesterday I almost walked straight into the one at Macba for example.

What are you plans?

I have been surfing the internet and I am slowly sadly realizing that it will be somewhat a mission to see and do everything I would like to do.

Just to give you some tips:
BAM Music Festival starts tomorrow and goes on the entire week (check out the program here).
Festival Asia in Parc de la Ciutadella – India is this years guest country, the Chinese National Ballet will be there, there will be an open air cinema with movies from India, South Korea and China and there will be kiteflying with 500 kites from Jaipur etc. (check out the program here).
Fabra i Coats, the big old (to-become-art)factory, will host concerts, exhibitions, films etc. Ecuador is the country of honor here. (check out program here).
El castillo de Montjuïc is turning into the Castell de Circ and will host, surprise surprise, a CIRCUS! (another program to check out).
Festival Pirotècnic Internacional goes from the 19th-21th at Barceloneta Beach and the Piromusical goes of at the 24th at Avinguda Maria Cristina.

So what did you say your plans was?


~ by danielbcn on September 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Merce-mania”

  1. OMG! Which city in the world can offer 3-4 different public-amazing-(and free!!!!) concerts in a week?
    That’s great, really… It’s just a pity that, as I did with fiesta de gracia, I’ll be abroad. Grrrrrrr.
    I just suggest you all a concert at forum, last time it was great, i think it’s the best place for concerts!

  2. Very well described and quite useful information. I will try to capture some pics there. Thanks for comment Daniel.

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