India v Bangladesh Street Cricket Barcelona

In a previous post I mentioned how popular skating is in Barcelona, particularly at Macba.
As I witnessed at 1:00am on a Wednesday night however, there is also another sport being played with just as much passion and vigor, yet much less popularity (locally), in the ‘Macba Arena’. Although the sport of cricket is rarely witnessed in continental Europe, there is a red hot game being played frequently during the night in the ‘Macba Arena’. As the skaters skate and the many spectators spectate they are bombarded with taped up tennis balls (street cricket balls) as the cricketers hit balls for 6 directly into the crowd and into the paths of the skaters. Generally, they have no idea what has hit them, why it hit them, or where it came from.

Its a great spectacle and the veteran players are more than happy for others to join in.
Just watch out for the pace attack!!!

NIce Shot!

~ by danielbcn on September 18, 2008.

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