How to find the few English books of Barcelona

Fall is here and I am heading to the book store to get some new interesting books to read.

Only… we are in Barcelona… and Barcelona… well… is not too well known for it’s supply of books in foreign languages.

If you want new ones you can head to FNAC, they have a quite large selection of English books. I mean, for Spain…

For second hand ones you could head to Gracia, for Carrer de Montseny 17, where Hibernian books has their wide (but rather old…) selection of books. Great if you are looking for that odd fantastic find or a new old classic. They have it. Closest metro would be Fontana.
Or you could head for Elephant Book Shop in Poble sec, honestly I have never been there and on their homepage it says they are moving so I guess you could check it out at Creu dels Molers 12 and if it’s not there anymore well it will most likely have a note or the door telling you where they left off to. I hear they are pretty good… and cheap!

aaaand I mean the reason why I even started thinking about books is because supposedly there will be a Book Market going on at Passeig de Gràcia, mostly books in Catalan of course but could be worth a stroll… you never know.


~ by barca2and4elly on September 19, 2008.

One Response to “How to find the few English books of Barcelona”

  1. Hi there. Another place that has a pretty good selection of English language books is FNAC on Plaza Catalunya. The prices are not cheap but they have the best selection of current English language fiction and non-fiction that I have found in the city.
    And I LOVE Hibernian!

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