Best Bands/Music Barcelona

Some of the best music you will hear in Barcelona is on the streets.

Whether you are in metro stations, by the port, by the beach, in the Gothic Quarter, or in Placa del Rei (near Jaume 1) you are gauranteed to hear some amazing music on any given day.

Since Barcelona is such a popular and international city the street music that you hear varies greatly. There are so many different styles of music and so many different types of instruments used , many of which are home made or newly innovated instruments, that the sounds that are produced are often very, very unique to Barcelona.

You will often see Reggae Man in the Placa Catalunya metro station belting out his own unique music, along with his favourite commercial songs. Placa del Rei houses street music at any time of day. More classical sounds can be heard here during the day, whereas at night a unique sound is produced by the many young artists who gather and jam with what ever instruments they can get their hands on.

The most interesting jam session I witnessed was when a travelling group from Belgium, who played empty beer bottles and who were jamming on the beach, were approached by a group of Spanish men with their guitars. The 2 groups, who had never met before, began singing and playing some amazing music. A sound of music that I had not heard before and that I have not heard since.

Its such a great feeling hearing nice music when walking the streets of Barcelona.


~ by danielbcn on September 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Best Bands/Music Barcelona”

  1. I was recently in Barcelona . A couple of streets up from Las Ramblas my husband heard a group ( think it was 2 guys) playing a digery doo and drums, he’s kicking himself for not buying there CD. Can anyone help me find out who they are? I would really like to buy the CD as a surprise for him.

  2. I know what group you mean and where they usually perform but unfortunately I do not remember their name… If I pass them I will be sure to note down their name! you would probably be able to find them on myspace!

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