Surfing in Barcelona

Although there are some decent surf spots just north and south of Barcelona, the actual city beaches are not renowned for their swells or the waves they produce.

This can be attributed to the fact that firstly, the Mediterranean is well protected from swells and secondly, what little swell does get through the Med is stopped from hitting the man made Barcelona beaches as breakwaters have been built to protect and stop them from washing away. In saying that, there are rare occasions when swell does penetrate and produce sizeable and rideable waves along the city beaches of Barcelona.

Does anybody know of any good breaks close to or within Barcelona?


~ by danielbcn on September 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Surfing in Barcelona”

  1. Hej,

    Nu har jag lagt in en länk till dig i min vänsterkolumn på min blogg.
    Under rubriken: Om Barcelona.


  2. Great!
    Thanks Maria.
    I will be sure to visit.

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