Lamp obsession

I do not know if you have noticed the fantastic lamps around the city.

This is a lamp at the previous mentioned “best bar of the week”  NEVERMIND.


~ by barca2and4elly on October 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “Lamp obsession”

  1. Elly,

    Since you´ve found your way to Riera Baixa I´m sure you´ve been checking out the amazing shop Le Swing? They have a second shop on C/Notaritat, i.e between C/Pintor Fortuny and C/d´Elisabets, and have also opened a bar on the same; Swing bar. With your lamp obsession you´ll be stoked once entering Swing bar!

    Also keep an eye out for cute french boys with hot accent 😉


  2. Ah! I did not realise the amazing SWING places belonged together. Now when I think about this it all makes sense. I will immediately head to the Swing Bar for a lamp update and ehm. maybe a glass of wine with the french if I would be so lucky to encounter some.

  3. It is a rabbit and a carrot. How…. Peculiar…

  4. Oh no, it´s a person dressed up in a rabbits suit, eating his friends arm…

  5. Sandy, you are hilarious!

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