How to get a the very sought after NIE number…

As a European citizen you need a NIE-number (Numero Identificacion de Extranjeros) to work legally in Spain. This will be your new ID. But do not dispair, it is quite easily done! But of course, like everything else, it needs a little bit of preparing.

– 1 copy of your passport
– Your passport
– Your address in Spain

At the Police station in Barceloneta at Av. Marques d’Argentera 4 they will hand you the papers you need to fill in. Bring your dictionary and you will not encounter any problems. You can also download the papers for the NIE-number beforehand at the Spanish Governments official website.

Arrive early is my best advice and an advice you will kick yourself for not following if you decide not to. The office normally opens at 9.00 and at that time the queue might already be a 2 hour long wait or worse.

Once in the office they will check your information, give you a receipt for the cost (which is at the time something like 6,8€) which you will have to pay at the bank next door and then return to get your very longed after NIE-number. That’s it. Have fun. Of course after this you will want to go and get your Spanish social security number and after this you might want to register in Barcelona by getting your Empadronamiento.


~ by barca2and4elly on October 8, 2008.

5 Responses to “How to get a the very sought after NIE number…”

  1. Hi,

    My advice is to get your Empadronamiento first (unless you’ve already have an address in Spain) from City-Hall (Ayuntamento?). It’s a 5 minutes job, but you’ll require either a friend to come with you and declare that you’re living with him or to bring your rental contact.

  2. hi aurelian, to be able to register for the empadronamiento you need you NIE-number, so the right way would be: NIE, social security number and then empadronamiento. but yeah you right about the other stuff, it’s really easy to do it and the office opens early and is open more or less the entire day.

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  5. NIE number from 165 euros says the advert.. someone is makling a lot of money out of ignorant foreigners and i wonder if they are paying tax and national insurance

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