Bikram Yoga in Barcelona

Now when the fall is here and summer laziness is officially over it is time to start exercising again. I feel like a million new gyms have opened up offering absolutely everything you could want (and to a cheaper rate than back home….). But my advice is to head up to Pau Claris 97 and try BIKRAM YOGA.

It is a yoga “created” for the people of today with exercises specifically for the modern person. The 26 positions and the two breathing exercises are combined together to make the blood flow to every part of your body and release your stress and worries from your every day life. It is also exercised in a room of 40 degrees Celsius and for 90 minutes. So it is actually, pretty hard core.

Am I starting to sound like a fanatic now? Well you ought to try it for yourself. There is one place in Barcelona to do it and you can try your first week unlimited classes for 15€. It is quite addictive.


~ by barca2and4elly on October 14, 2008.

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