Weekend in Barcelona coming up.

Happy Thursday everyone, tomorrow is Friday! The week has passed by like a jetplane, reeeeally fast. And I’m not complaining about that at all…

So, what´s up for this weekend in Barcelona? Well, I just checked the forecast and to be honest it doesn’t look so good. Just my luck, because the weather of this week has been amazing, sunny and warm, while I have been working. But I’m not going to let this destroy my weekend! Fortunately there are things to do in Barcelona despite whether it’s raining or not , for example indoor concerts…

On Saturday one of the world´s most famous and controversial groups from the 90’s is playing in our favourite club in the city, Razzmatazz. I think you might already know which group I’m talking about, THE PRODIGY. The concert is completely sold out.

I remember when I was a little child (well I’m still one)
I always had to hide myself behind a pillow or something when the music video for Firestarter or Smack my Bitch up was played while I was watching MTV. The videos were so scary but I couldn’t stop myself from taking a peek from behind my cover.

For those who do not have any tickets (like me) we can just hope to get hold of a ticket outside the club or hook up with the group before the concert and get VIP-tickets…


~ by barcelonablog on October 16, 2008.

One Response to “Weekend in Barcelona coming up.”

  1. Afraid of those videos..haha 😛

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