How to get a bicing-card

Bicing is one of the most trendy ways to get around in the city. You cannot have missed the stations all over the city and the amount of people biking around on the red bikes. The idea behind Bicing is really fantastic and very convenient.

So how to get a bicing-card and how does this thing really work?

First of all you have to register, either on the website or at their office. The office you will find on
Pl Carles Pi i Sunyer, 8-10. To be able to make a registration you will need to have a Spanish bank account and a credit card.

As soon as you receive your bicing card you can start using the service: you take the bicycle from any of the bicing stations, use it for your journey and return it to the nearest station to your destination.There are more around 100 stations around the city with 1500 bicycles waiting for you!

And the price? You will be delighted. The annual membership fee is 24€. The first half an hour the bike is yours for free and after this it will cost you 30 cents per half an hour. After 2 hours you will have to pay 3€ per hour.

To find out where all the the bicing-stations are situated, check out Bicing’s website.


~ by barca2and4elly on October 17, 2008.

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  1. Very useful information. Did you go black or am I going crazy? Nice design.

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