Get out of town!

It is always nice to get in the car and spend a weekend, or longer, out of town. Barcelona is the perfect place to do this from. There are many car rental agencies offering great deals on cars, epecially if you book early and online, and because of its positioning there are also many great places to see that are close and easy to get to from Barcelona.

For those who only have the weekend, Valencia, Andorra, Figueres (birthplace of Salvador Dalí) and Toulouse are all short and easy drives from Baracelona. In all these places there are things to see and if you stay off the main highways (autopistos) on your travels the driving is very pleasent, taking you through some wonderful scenery and charming little villages.

Through I managed to hire a car out of Barcelona with friends for approximately 7€ each per day. We did some amazing driving and saw some amazing places all over Spain. It is a great country to travel by car for many reasons. Some of the places you stumble accross you will remember for the rest of your life.


~ by danielbcn on October 27, 2008.

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  1. thanks a lot

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