Placa Espanya Transformed

During the middle of February each year Placa Espanya and its sourrounding area transforms to facilitate the worlds biggest exhibition for the mobile industry-The GSMA Mobile World Congress. As the exhibition takes over the whole of Barcelona´s La Fira, Av. de la Reina Maria Cristina and MNAC (The Museum of National Art Catalonia) the area becomes a hive of activity, even weeks before the event is set to open.

With the event being the biggest of its kind in the world (with about 60,000 people attending) and with some tickets costing close to 4000€ the organisers put on a good show. Consequently, weeks before the exhibition opens, structures begin to show up all around Placa Espanya and particularly in Av. de la Reina Maria. Trucks and construction workers fill the area and are constantly entering and leaving the area, at times causing chaos on the surrounding streets.

It is extremely hard to find accommodation in Barcelona during the dates surrounding event. With 60,000 people expected to attend the event, thousands working on the event and the general popularity of Barcelona as a tourists destination, all year round, most of the accommodation in the city is booked. People coming to Barcelona during the event, yet unaware of the event, struggle to find accommodation anywhere in the city if they have not already booked. So, if you are planning on being here during the days surrounding 16th-19th February be aware that one of the biggest exhibitions, of any type, is taking place here in Barcelona.


~ by danielbcn on October 27, 2008.

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