How to get a job in Barcelona PART 1

I get a lot of questions on how to get a job in Barcelona.

My answer generally goes: A job is always easy to get in Barcelona but then, what kind of job, well that is a totally different question….

Here follows a short post on how to get a job quick and easy in Barcelona:

callcenter1. Go customer-service callcenter!
There is quite a few large enterprises right in the “center” of Barcelona, to name a few that goes recommended because they pay when they should and pay by somewhat European standard: Multipartner, Transcom and Citibank. These places are as mentioned large and employ foreigners every month to work generally taking care of calls from customers in their mother tongue may it be norwegian, italian or dutch (whatever other language they might need). Great if you do not speak a word of Spanish!

bartender2. Bars and bars and bars (and clubs and restaurants)
There might be close to a million Irish bars in town. They need bartenders. Generally they get overcrowded with people looking for a job but they do also need bartenders more or less always. So go there, represent yourself well, bring your CV (that should appear and look better than the other 50 they just got this week) and talk to the manager, no one else. These bars generally always need people handing out flyers at night. Maybe not your dream job but it does pay the bills (well or… almost).

loquo3. Check out the anuncios.
Websites like or is a good source of job ads. There you can find all sorts of fun, weird or proper serious jobs.

Later on I will write down some more tips.

: Do not forget to have your papers in order when you go job hunting, they will ask you for your N.I.E number and Social Security number straight away so make sure you have fixed that before you head out. If you want to know more about how to get these papers sorted, check out the previous posts on these matters by using the search tool on this blog.


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