New Club at the Roxy Blue in Barcelona

Reading this week’s Le Cool I came across this piece of text full of life that really made me decide to go to the new Club Hotel tomorrow Friday. I will share it with you and you yourself can decide if you think it’s something it for you.

“Opening Club Hotel

I like to keep an eye on what’s going on in the rest of Europe and that’s why I also subscribe to lecool in London, Madrid and Lisbon. I love Barcelona, but when I see what’s going on in London I can’t help but get jealous. Why is it, living right in the centre of this cosmopolitan metropolis with so many young and trendy people, I can’t feel comfortable at any party? I don’t ask for much. I work all week. When the weekend comes round I want to go and have a good time without having to go to the far end of the friggin’ yellow line. That’s why Hotel appeals to me. Tonight they open in domRoxy and it’s only 2 streets away from Pl. Catalunya! With two rooms and two different music policies. Upstairs there’ll be house with DJs David Tort and Dom Chung from Ministry of Sound and downstairs, an eclectic mix of electroclash, new rave, indie, hiphop and breaks at the hand of local Djs Will Deluxe and Blaktronic. For those who understand music, this is an emotional moment. FINALLY! If you say you are coming because of the mention in lecool, you’ll get in for freeeee!/ El Naco Barato Transl. by Ayesha”

Roxy, c/ Consell de Cent, 294
12.30 midnight
how much
€15 (with drink)

~ by barca2and4elly on November 6, 2008.

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