CATWALK – time for the party of your life TONIGHT

There is fiesta every night at Catwalk and the party always continues until the sunrise… Tonight it is Apple Funk by Deep Josh hitting you and since this dude is one of Spain’s hottest and most elegant house DJ’s – well I will leave the decision up to you.



Catwalk is one of the most popular and fashionable clubs in town. With it’s balanced mix of locals and tourists and two different floors to suit different tastes in music it is never a bad choice for the late night clubbing. Upstairs you can shake your hips to R&B and hip hop and downstairs you can find different styles of dance music. Catwalk is practically on the beach and the area around it keeps many bars and clubs, so if you like to variate your night and hit different spots, it wont be a problem.

If you want to get in for free there is this great site GUESTLISTBCN with various lists all over the city in various clubs, among them CATWALK. Check it out if you are on for some serious party tonight.


Address of CATWALK

Closest Metro:
Ciutadella Vila Olímpica


~ by barca2and4elly on November 14, 2008.

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