Use condoms barcelonians!

You can read in the new issue of Metropolitan Barcelona about the up going trend of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Spain. The numbers presented are frightening and shows a side of our city that are anything else than fulfilling. The Barcelona unit for Sexually Transmitted Infections (UITS) had a number of 15.000 visitors in 2004 and the same number for 2007 was 24.000. We have heard it before, and it seems like we will keep on hearing it, a big reason to the rise is the growing number of people who change partners regularly. Even so we do not seem to change our attitude when it comes to using condoms. A group of twenty catalan pharmacies will for 2009 participate in a pilot project where they will offer free and rapid HIV testing. The project is still not including Barcelona City but if the project will be going well than it will hopefully expand to Barcelona within six months of time.

Barcelonians; Have a great time and enjoy yourself, but make sure to use condom. A Sexually Transmitted Infection is not a sexy attribute.

bloggfoto Photo taken from Metropolitan´s own site.


~ by danielbcn on December 4, 2008.

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