How to get a job in Barcelona part 3

And the story continues… You all know about the economic crisis around us and there is because of this  less jobs and more people applying for them. Just some quick hints and advices on the process of getting the job you found advertised:


Curriculum Vitae
The next step afte
r finding ads for jobs that you’re interested in, is sending the employer your resume, also known as your Curriculum Vitae. As mentioned earlier, knowledge of different languages is probably the best qualification you can have to get a job here in Barcelona but in your CV, try to enhance your good qualities that you think would be positive for the specific job you are applying to. Forget the idea that you can just send out the same CV to all different types of jobs. If you are interested in the job the best tip is to tailor make your CV for it to make it obvious that you are the One for the job.

One thing that you should never do is to write something that is untrue about yourself and your qualifications or jobs. This will only backfire and make you loose credibility and probably the job.
Make sure to write down your personal data such as:

– Full name
– Address
– Phone number (preferably a Spanish one)
– Email
– Nationality
– Age
– Nie number

In Spain it is also very important to have a portrait photograph enclosed with your CV. Most companies will not bother with a CV without one nor will they employ you if you send a photo of yourself from last night with a drink in your hand etc.

Also think about in which file format you save your CV – the only file format that should ever be allowed for sending CV’s is PDF. Forget about .doc and especially forget about .docx (new word), the first one is a document that will show up however the receiver’s computer and programs wants it too, the second they might not even be able to open since many people operate on the old systems and programs.

After distributing your CV around you hopefully will be going to some interviews. This could be very tricky and you have to adjust yourself to the environment of the job. For example, there are no specific dress code for interviews but if you are going to an interview in an office you probably don’t want to be wearing shorts. Generally it is better to be over dressed than under dressed for a job interview, this will make you seem serious and interested in the job. One thing not many people think of is to not wear excessive amounts of perfume and to think about your body language once in the interview. Do not cross your arms over your chest, do not busy your hands with anything, sit straight and be focused. When you get asked a question, do not immediately burst out in an explanation – sit back, think for a few seconds and give a straight and well composed answer.

interviewAnother thing that is very important is to be well informed. Try to get as much information as possible about the company and the position you’re applying to, this will help and hopefully get you a little bit ahead of your competition. Then, all you can do is be nice, honest and hope for the best. In a few days after the interview, if you have not heard back, it could be a good idea to call up the company and tell them how interested you are in the job and elegantly ask if a decision is made yet.

There is many people being really negative about possibilities of getting a job in Spain at the moment, do not put too much belief in this, if you want a job, there will be one!


~ by barca2and4elly on December 17, 2008.

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