Barcelona Metropolitan – the English-language magazine for you!

If you have just moved to Barcelona or even if you have been living here for a while, make sure you don’t go without picking up a copy of the monthly English-language magazine, Barcelona Metropolitan, established for the increasing population of English-speaking foreigners in Barcelona and Catalonia. The magazine has great articles about the current affairs in the city, advice on things to do in the city, as well as an extensive classifieds section with advertisements for everything from jobs to English-speaking hairdressers, from dance classes to Tandem language groups. The magazine is available free of charge from a large amount of shops and restuarants around the city.  Chances are where you are they will probably either have it, or know somewhere that does have it.


It’s a good idea to get the magazine, or check the magazine’s website if you are coming to Barcelona on holidays or moving to Barcelona for work. It gives a good impression of what life in the city is really like. If you are planning on spending some time in Barcelona and you are in need of accommodation, I’d recommend They helped me greatly when I initially moved here, providing me with great accommodation and helping me get settled. They always have great discounts on some of their apartments so check out the website and you never know, you could be in BCN before you know it!


~ by barca2and4elly on January 8, 2009.

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