Stand Up Comedy in Barcelona – and that’s not the punchline

Never fear, the Comedy Cellar is here.

Launched during the Barcelona International Comedy Festival. It is organised by a group of ex-pats who thought they were just too funny to keep it to themselves and it is a general mixture of  “Stand Up, Open spots, improv and all sorts of Tomfoolery” (their words).

It takes place on the last Monday of every month in the cosy surroundings of the basement of Ryan’s Irish Pub on Carrer Paradis just off Plaza de Sant Jaume. The Palau it ain’t but at € 3 entrance which includes a drink its nothing to be scoffed at.

If you want to get involved, they have a number of open mics slots each night so newbies can show what they are made of.

The show is improving each night and there are talks of moving to a bigger venue so you can find out information about up-coming events on their Facebook page, just search “The Comedy Cellar Barcelona”.

If you are a fan of stand up, Comedy in Spain ( organises comedy events in Madrid and Barcelona and often invites big and up-and-coming names on the international circuit to play in Spain.


~ by barca2and4elly on January 27, 2009.

One Response to “Stand Up Comedy in Barcelona – and that’s not the punchline”

  1. Thanks for the promotion. Yes we’re into our 5th show now at Ryans.
    Pencil March 23rd in the diary for the next show. Then April 6th and May 4th.
    Its still €3 incl free drink. Crisis bustin’ comedy – huzzah!

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