Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

But if you haven’t got anyone to spend tomorrow with you need not be concerned as we´re in Catalonia and their traditional day for couples to exchange gifts is St George’s Day on April 23rd.

On this day men buy roses for their beloved and women buy their man a book. This originates as it the day both Shakespeare and Cervantes died. April 23rd is also World Book Day because of that.

I´ve heard that Les Rambles becomes a massive flower stall  (even more so than it usually is) with everyone and anyone selling roses and there are book stalls on every corner with people flogging all sorts of books in the name of tradition.

Nothing stops consumerism once it sees a tradition it can profit from, literally 🙂

I personally am looking forward to seeing the throngs of men rushing around the day before looking to find a decent bouquet that doesn’t look like it was bought last thing the day before! 🙂


~ by barca2and4elly on February 13, 2009.

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